Current Projects

The group is currently working on a variety of projects in various Iranian languages across all sub-fields of linguistics. Here is a list of ongoing projects that our faculty and students are working on. Please get in touch if you have questions or would like to collaborate!



Descriptive and comparative analysis of syntactic, morphological and phonological aspects of the five target languages.


Theoretical Articles:

To be submitted to linguistic journals


Syntax, Morphology, and Semantics

Simin Karimi, Roya Kabiri, Saman Meihami

  •     Clitic positioning in Jafi-Sorani

Clitics provide an ideal laboratory for investigating the interaction of syntax    and morphology, and in particular showcase the syntactic conditioning of post- syntactic operations

Simin Karimi, Shahriar Hormozi, Saman Meihami, Roya Kabiri

  •  (Non-active)Voice (Passive, middle, unaccusative) in Ardalani-Sorani and Persian

Simin Karimi, Jian Gang Ngui

  • Multi-wh-constructions and clitic positioning in Ossetian

Alex Hamo, Saman Meihami, Simin Karimi

  •  Split-ergativity in Balochi and Sorani

John Powell

  • Deictic clitic cycles in Pashto
  • A labeling approach to the grammaticalization of complex predicates in Pashto
  • Cliticization of the non-verbal element in Pashto


Phonetics, Phonology, Prosody

Amber Lubera

  • Onset Sensitive Stress in Iron Ossetian
  • The phonetic realization of nasalized retroflex taps in Pashto
  • Unifying apparently disparate stress systems in four Iranian languages (Balochi, Ossetian, Pashto, Persian)


Computational Linguistics

Michael Hammond 

  • Developing a text-to-speech system for Pashto