Lectures on Iranian Linguistics in Arizona (LILA)


We are proud to announce the 2021-2022 LILA schedule.

All lectures are at 8am Arizona time unless otherwise specified.

Title: Distributional Semantics for Semantic Similarity

Presenter: Masood Ghayoomi, PhD

Affiliation: Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran

Title: On the Proper Treatment of Intensionality

Presenter: Amir Anvari, PhD

Affiliation: CNRS; MIT

Title: The Synchrony and Diachrony of Applicative Morphology in Soranî Kurdish

Presenter: Shuan Karim, PhD

Affiliation: University of Ohio

Title: Vowel Harmony in Southern Tati: Takestani Dialect

Presenter: Neda Taherkhani, PhD Candidate

Affiliation: Purdue University

Title: Cancelled

Presenter: Pollet Samvelian, PhD

Affiliation: Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

Title: An Experimental Paradigm for Testing the Implications of Logical Connective-Words Cross-Linguistically

Presenter: Masoud Jasbi, PhD

Affiliation: UC Davis

Title: Cross-linguistic Variation in the Strength of Counterfactuality: The Role of Tense

Presenter: Zahra Mirrazi, PhD Candidate

Affiliation: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Title: Investigating word order variation across Iranian languages using corpus-based typology

Presenter: Geoffrey Haig, PhD

Affiliation: Institut für Orientalistik; Universität Bamberg

Title: Ezafe in Southern Zazaki

Presenter: Songül Gündoğdu, PhD

Affiliation: Muş Alparslan University (Turkey)

Title: Quantitative Meter in Iranian Languages

Presenter: Mohsen Mahdavi Mazdeh, PhD

Affiliation: University of Arizona


2020-2021 LILA Speakers

Presenter: Mahmoud Bi Jen Khan, PhD

Affiliation: University of Tehran

Presenter: David Erschler, PhD

Affiliation: Ben Gurion University of the Neveg

Presenter: Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, Phd & Sahar Taghipour, PhD Candidate

Affiliation: University of Toronto

Presenter: Jan Mohammad, PhD

Affiliation: Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, Monterey

Presenter: Vida Samiian, PhD

Affiliation: California State University, Fresno

Presenter: Bahar Soohani, PhD

Affiliation: University of Leiden